Apr 29, 2015

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Turning a Chelsea NYC Penthouse Apartment into Home Sweet Home

Living in New York City has a lot to offer a person, from a vast amount of unique restaurants and shopping experiences, to some of the most outstanding art galleries and installations around the city. For one who loves to be in the center of a thriving metropolis without being too far from nature, the abundance of large parks and tree-lined roads makes many areas of NYC draw in a variety of tourists and new residents. West Chelsea of Manhattan is no different, but it has a few special offerings up its sleeve.

The Architectural Grace of a Chelsea Condominium

The neighborhood is diverse in its architecture, having buildings that span the entire range of styles and types. For many, however, the post-industrial design is a respect paid to the history of the area. Many of the biggest names in architecture are returning to these roots when building new condominiums and other buildings which feature penthouses for sale. Not only do these buildings fit appropriately into the aesthetic of the rest of the neighborhood, but the modern design elements that can be added to the industrial-era look can help the building stand out from the rest and turn heads with its striking beauty and design.

Urban Trekking and Horticulture

One of the perks the area offers is the High Line Park. This elevated greenbelt of vegetation, small shrubs, small trees and flowering plants bring a bit of nature to the steel and cement buildings and roads surrounding it. Urban trekkers can walk this mile and a half park for fun and exercise, nature lovers can enjoy the abundance of hundreds of different plants, insects and birds, and of course meditation and tai chi are popular for many.

The Area’s Diversity

From high end shopping, to galleries featuring all types of art, Chelsea is not lacking in diversity of any kind. Attractions and entertainment options are vast, and you can easily find something for everyone in your family. One of the most popular areas for both residents and tourists to visit are the Chelsea Piers. Offering a variety of recreational activities for all ages, the Pier has a long and unique history. Whether you want to improve your golf swing, learn to ice skate or play a game of hockey, there are a number of attractions for you to enjoy. Once you are finished and have worn yourself and your family out, it’s just a short trip back to your penthouse for rest and relaxation.

If you’re looking for a spacious and beautifully designed West Chelsea penthouse for sale, viewing the available residences at 508 West 24th Street should be your first choice.

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