Jul 24, 2015

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Turn a Blah Yard into Paradise: Landscaping in Westport Connecticut

Turn a Blah Yard into Paradise: Landscaping in Westport Connecticut

Everyone dreams of having the perfect lush yard. One that wins contests and makes the neighbors jealous. Of course, each person’s dream is different. Some dream of pristine lawns, untouched by flowers or trees. Others dream of lush English gardens, fill of color and variety. Still others desire a combination of the two. An experienced provider of Landscaping in Westport Connecticut can help fulfill all those dreams.

Those looking for guidance with Landscaping in Westport Connecticut can find a variety of services available. From simple assistance with mowing, edging and other lawn maintenance to the installation of organic gardens, experienced horticulturalists can provide education and hands on service.

Many people are choosing to reduce the negative impact on the environment by going green, including their choices for landscaping. Biodiverse plantings encourage natural growth and harmony with nature. Reducing the toxicity in soils and pesticides can create a safe environment for families, pets, and native wildlife.

Encouraging the growth of local plants and trees can help build up sustainable resources and help promote natural cycles of regrowth.

Yards are an extension of the home and many people enjoy spending time outside. The increase in the number of diagnosed cases of Lyme disease has resulted in the need for caution and preventative treatment to ward of ticks, which carry and transmit the disease.

Thoroughly treating yards can help prevent bites humans and pets, including options for completely organic treatment.

Sometimes even those who have done their own Landscaping in Westport Connecticut find themselves in need of assistance. Plants and lawns can become ill and require specialized care much like their human caretakers. Having an experienced horticulturist to evaluate and diagnose problems can help prevent damage before it spreads and help return yards to a healthy condition. Click here to learn more.

Trees can add shade and aesthetic value to a yard. Trees are a great way to break up large expanses of space or define boundaries. Shrubs are also useful for defining spaces and creating borders. Knowing which trees and/or shrubs are best for a given soil can help increase their longevity.

Don’t let uncertainty or lack of knowledge limit the dream of the perfect yard. Call a qualified landscaping company like Northeast Horticultural Services for help and guidance. With their help, that blah yard can become the next winner.

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