Jul 7, 2015

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Trying to Keep Up With Your Customers

Trying to Keep Up With Your Customers

No one ever said that going into business for yourself was going to be easy, and if you judge it by how difficult it is to keep in contact with your consumer base, then it’s downright overwhelming. In this day and age, it’s very easy to start to lose track of the important people you want to keep in touch with, your customers. People have a tendency to move to new homes and to new places all the time, and they don’t write you letting you know that they’re doing so. This is how something like USPS certified NCOALink software will make your life much easier.

What exactly is NCOA?

The National Change of Address program, or NCOA as it’s more commonly called, is a list that is held by the United States Postal Service that lists addresses that have been changed recently. The software talked about in this article will explain how it can be used to assist your business operations on a daily basis by keeping your own data up to date with the latest addresses of your clients. It should be pretty obvious how this can be a benefit to your company, but if you still not sure how it can help let’s explain.

How This Software Will Benefit You

When you’re in link with the national database your files will be constantly updated. What this means on your end is when you print labels using your own file information they’ll be up to date. This will minimize your undeliverable mail, and will save you the cost of lost postage fees. It will also give you some peace of mind to know that your important mailers will arrive at their final destination on a more consistent basis. By using this program, you’ll be able to lower the workload on your end as the software will do a majority of the heavy lifting for you. This means you’ll be able to free up man hours for other tasks, and hopefully be able to increase your productivity.

A company cannot function without its customers, and losing track of people is a hard problem to deal with. Once someone has fallen off your radar, it’s hard to get back in touch with them unless they contact you. Keeping track of useful mailing data is just one important aspect of a good business, but in an industry where you need to keep in touch with your consumer base to remain relevant it’s a top priority.

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