Nov 14, 2013

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Trying To Get Your Benefits With A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Most people think social security disability will be there for them when they get sick. People work hard and pay into social security for years. However, the system is not that simple. Individuals still have to meet certain criteria, and go through a formal process that labels them as disabled. There is no guarantee of a monthly disability check.

First, there are two types of social security disability. SSDI is the program for people who have worked and paid into the system. If proven to be disabled, they’ll receive a monthly check regardless of assets. SSI is a program that pays benefits to disabled people who never paid into the system. Individuals cannot receive SSI if they have a great deal of individual or personal assets. Applying for benefits is complicated and it is best to consult a Social Security Disability lawyer in Greensburg, PA prior to filling out your initial application.

A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Greensburg PA helps a client complete all the application forms. Next, the lawyer works to document the client’s disability. To qualify for disability, an individual must have a severe, medical impairment limiting the ability to work. The Social Security Administration also bases disability on whether or not the condition is ongoing. For example, someone who has a heart attack may not be considered disabled. An individual must have ongoing heart problems, like abnormal stress test results.

Part of the SSA evaluation is whether an individual can perform any job they’ve had in the last 15 years. If an applicant cannot, SSA evaluates the ability to do any job. This evaluation is based on an applicant’s age, education and skill set. For example, someone with a ninth grade education, who performed a heavy-lifting job, is not required to do a college-level job. The Social Security Disability lawyer in Greenburg, PA, files all your paperwork. If you are denied, the lawyer asks for a reconsideration. If applicants are denied a second time, the lawyer may request a hearing. The hearing is often the applicant’s best chance to present evidence of their disability. If you need help with disability, call a qualified Social Security Disability Lawyer in Greensburg, PA.


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