Oct 31, 2011

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Trusting a Gold Buyer in Louisville

Gold is one of the most commonly sold precious metal in the world. It has a very high value and is very investment friendly. This is why many people invest in the metal for a quick gain in value over a small period of time. However, it is also very important to know that fraud in this business is common, and it’s really very difficult to find, and very dicey to trust a gold buyer. Louisville based jewelers and gold merchants are known to be among the best because the city is the largest in the State of Kentucky. With big commercial districts and steady market, you can easily find an honest trader in this city.

You might be selling gold in either of the two situations –

Selling family heirloom and inherited jewelry, or purchased jewelry in a financial crunch.

Very few people will sell off their family assets and jewelry unless they are truly in a financial crunch. Bankruptcy or emergency monetary needs may force you to look for a gold buyer. Louisville jewelers will almost always buy gold, but it’s very difficult to find someone who will give fair prices. In your financial crisis, you need the maximum amount possible in exchange for your personal assets. This is why it is best to have your gold evaluated at at least one or more jewelers to approach the buyer with proof of its true value.

Selling investment gold that has been bought for selling purposes.

This is a much more simple and easy system to trade in gold. A country’s wealth is determined in the amount of bullion it holds, and it is internationally standardized. Banks sell gold coins and bars which can be kept as liquidity friendly assets that you can sell when you feel the price is high. For this, you can find any jeweler, or even sell such raw gold (in coins or bars) at the bank if you have proper proof of purchase.

A lot of factors will determine the value of your jewelery, but all investment gold in coins and bars are 24 carats and 99.9% pure. They have a standard value and no deductions are made in the weight during selling. For jewelery though, the valuation will depend of the purity and the amount of soldering used in making the design. Overall, you should be paid for about 60 – 70% of the weight of a piece of jewelery of 22 carat purity. Only trust a reputed jeweler of gold buyer. Louisville folk can find plenty of buyers in the jewelers’ districts.


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