Feb 18, 2013

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Trust RPM Management in El Segundo to look after your property assets

Real professional management of property means working with a team who knows their local market and has all the tools and skills that are required to instill a feeling of trust and confidence in their owner/clients. When you trust RPM Management in El Segundo to look after your property assets, this is exactly the feeling you get.

Most owners of income property want nothing to do with the day-to-day management of the units in their portfolio. They want to make good use of their time working on other investment opportunities and perhaps adding to their properties. RPM Management in El Segundo know that the owner’s primary focus is to maximize on their investment by generating maximum rental revenue and keeping the operating expenses at a minimum. All of this is to be accomplished without driving down the asset value.

To achieve the maximum return on the owner’s investment, a seasoned property manager knows that having the units filled with responsible tenants is the key to success. The ideal tenants are those that pay their rent on time and care for the property. To make this happen, the property manager knows that all tenant candidates have to be screened carefully. It is very important to have tenants who are gainfully employed, and that have a clean credit and criminal record.

How to minimize landlord expenses

On the flip side of maximum income, is minimum expense. Professional property managers know how to minimize maintenance expense without jeopardizing the unit’s value. This can be done through regular inspection followed by routine preventative maintenance. It should come as no surprise that when a problem is small, it costs a lot less to fix than if it was left to become a larger problem. Regular inspections will pick up most things, but emergencies will happen. To maintain excellent tenant relations, these emergencies must be handled when they occur; it makes no difference what the time of day or night it is. Larger property management firms also have better arrangements with service providers; the savings can go straight to the owner’s bottom line.

Asset management is not complete without detailed reports, which are communicated to the owner in a timely fashion. The owner expects financial reports and operation reports as well as copies of new leases and pictures of the property. This can be done by giving the owner his own personal web portal where he can log on and see the performance record from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Effective and conscientious cash control is very important. The rents must be collected on time, and all expenses must be paid as scheduled. The remaining funds are to be transferred immediately to the owners account by ACH transfer.

RPM Management in El Segundo is perfectly placed to manage your property assets. They have years of experience in keeping income high and expenses low. Talk to California Coast Real Property Management about your properties, you can reach them at 310-535-2150

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