Nov 11, 2013

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Trendy Jewelry Ideas to update your Inventory

When you are ready to make your next inventory purchase, consider adding some of these wholesale trendy Jewelry ideas for a jump in sales:

Cuff Bracelets: Cuff bracelets are huge and provide an excellent accessory to any outfit. You can look for options such as rhinestone solid cuff designs as well as metallic designs with cut outs.
Bracelet with Linked Rings: There are some gorgeous, exotic feel bracelets that fit over the hand and link to a centred ring. These have an Asian or even Moroccan feel and add a sense of flash especially in faux diamond and silver designs as well as elegant faux pearl.
Embedded Stretch Bracelets: Stretch bracelets provide a one size fits all option as well as a close fit that is ideal with narrow wrists. Comfortable for working on computers as well, these are perfect for the working girl. Again, a popular trend includes faux gems, especially diamonds and pearls.
Chain Link with Charms: Chain link bracelets with charms are also popular in gold and white metals with mutli colored rhinestones.
Multi strand Necklaces: The multi strand necklace is growing in popularity and comes in a number of options from metals to rhinestones and beads. Look for popular choices including faux rubies and emeralds as well as a mosaic look with flat square beads.
Long Drop Necklaces: The long drop necklace is ideal with strapless tops and dresses and provides an excellent choice for v necklines as well due to their downward arrow design.
Black and White Anything: Black and white looks with onyx, diamonds and white metals are popular for both casual and upscale choices.
Upscale Earrings: Look for Audry Hepburn worthy dangling earrings in faux diamonds, rubies and emeralds as well as blue sapphires.
Skulls: One never knows what makes some items popular but skulls are in. Studded with rhinestones or in both yellow and white metals, you can’t go wrong with skulls.
Any Ring: Rings are popular in all styles from large gaudy rhinestones to more elegant single pearls. Fun kitty, skull and other character rings are also popular as are chain linked ring sets.

Adding any of these popular wholesale trendy jewelry items to your accessory department will offer ample opportunities for impulse purchases.

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