Nov 18, 2014

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Tree Too Close to the House? Tree Removal Experts in Brooklyn, NY can Take It Down

Homeowners often make the mistake of planting a sapling too close to their house or garage. If it is a tree that can grow to 30 or 40 feet, it can soon be towering over those structures. While it is possible to prune some of the limbs that grow out over the roofs, the homeowner may fear that the entire tree could go through their house on a stormy night. If that’s the case, they should hire a professional Tree Removal Brooklyn NY company to take the tree down. It is too dangerous for most people to attempt on their own.

Professional tree removers have the skills and equipment to do it safely. They will arrive with a bucket truck that safely allows them to reach the top of the tree. There is no need for them to climb ladders or tree limbs. They know how to carefully rig the tree limbs so they don’t damage any nearby buildings or fall on any person. Within a few hours the entire tree has been taken down to the stump. If the homeowner has a fireplace, they may decide to keep the wood. Otherwise the tree service can take it away. View the site for complete details.

Sometimes homeowners decide to leave the stump, in order to reduce costs. However, tree stumps can attract termites. This can cause a problem when the stump is so close to the home. The best solution is to remove it. Renting a stump grinder is expensive and it takes a lot of strength to operate it. Homeowners may not understand that tree roots can be as much as 10 feet deep. They often get frustrated and have to ask the Tree Removal Brooklyn NY experts to return to help them.

Not only will the take out the stump, they will help the homeowner fill in the hole. The homeowner can choose to plant a garden or install sod. Professional landscapers know how to include gravel and sand as well as high-quality loam to ensure that the reclaimed hole will drain well and support healthy landscaping. It also has to blend with the rest of the yard. They will help the homeowner design a complementary flower garden or grass. Homeowners can visit to learn more about these kinds of services.

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