Feb 1, 2017

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Tree roots are often to blame for a clogged drain

Tree roots are often to blame for a clogged drain

Plumbers often run across tree roots that have grown into drains, they have even see tree roots appear in a toilet. As much as it might seem impossible, tree roots pose more drainage problems than you might expect.

Homes that are constructed on a slab rather than with a basement are more susceptible, the roots of trees that are reasonably close to the house can grow under the slab as they seek water, they break into a drain pipe and eventually a serious obstruction occurs. When this happens your only hope is to call a company that specializes in drain cleaning in Oklahoma City.

Things to look for:

Toilets periodically clog, in most cases the clog can be cleared with an ordinary plunger. Periodic clogs do not necessarily suggest there is a tree root problem but it can be a symptom. If you find the toilets clogging more frequently and each time they are clogged it becomes harder to clear them, this can be proof positive there are tree roots in the drain pipe.

If you have multiple toilets in your home you can make a quick check to ascertain the scope of the problem. If the problem lies in the main drain leading from your domestic plumbing to the sewer, all toilets will back up when flushed. If the problem is only in one of the toilets the root problem is in the drain leading from the toilet to the main drain.

Dealing with the problem:

If you believe you have a tree root problem don’t even consider trying to deal with it yourself, always rely on a company that undertakes professional drain cleaning in Oklahoma City. Drain cleaning companies have the proper tools and the skills needed to tackle drain problems.

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