Sep 15, 2014

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Tree Removal in Kihei Is Accomplished By Certified Arborists

Tree removal is done by a crew of highly trained professionals to prevent damage to your property. An oak tree, for example, is one of the strongest trees, and taking this tree down requires strong equipment and highly experienced certified arborists to remove it. Generally, the branches are tied to a rope and then cut which means they can be safely lowered to the ground. A pine tree can reach heights of 80 feet which is even more challenging to cut down.

Tree Removal in Kihei provides a determination of tree health and the potential for the failure of the tree. They also make recommendations about removing or retaining trees, and they determine tree age, species, and value. This information enables the tree removal service to make a recommendation based on an arborist’s assessment of the tree. If the tree is removed, then this company will take out the complete stump and dispose of it.

A tree in Kihei may be damaged, but you may not be sure how much damage has been done. It is wise to have an arborist inspect the tree and make a recommendation whether the tree should be removed. Any tree that has been damaged by a storm or any other cause may become a hazard and a property and create personal liability.

Tree Removal in Kihei is accomplished with the most modern equipment used in a manner to protect life and property. Often, a bucket truck is used which allows the arborist to rise on a stable platform to the spot on the tree where the removal process will begin. A limb may be put into the bucket or it may be lowered by a rope to the ground guided by an arborist on the ground. The bucket lowers to the next limb and the process is repeated. The trunk is cut in sections and lowered in the same manner.

The stump can be ground out with a high powered system of blades. The chips are cleaned up and offered to the property owner for mulch. Otherwise, the chips and the tree branches are taken to an authorized landfill. A back hoe can be used to pull a stump out of the ground and most of its roots with it. Thus, there will be no need to leave a stump for the property owner to worry about.

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