Sep 3, 2014

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Tree Insect Management South Jersey Service

Most people don’t like pests especially when it comes to the plants that they have raised painfully and have taken care of for a long time. A service you can believe in offering you assistance on how to manage the insect’s infestation on your trees is the mite and insect control. Tree insect management companies in South Jersey area usually provide a total diagnosis and an inspection to the landscape, regular follow ups to the land, expert solutions, and they then give out a detailed report about the problems with the insects.

The common insects that tree insect management companies in South Jersey deal with include:

Tree borers and tree beetles

These insects usually stress trees or attack to injure and they cause destruction to the trees. They need to be confirmed properly so that a correct management may be employed. To deal with these insects the tree insect management South Jersey company advises you on how you can maintain the growth of your trees as required. They also help you in removing the whole object of the insect infestation.


The gypsy moths and the winter moths are the most annoying moths in your landscape as they eat your fruit and leaves of your trees and then destroy the foliage. In many ways they cause immense stress to your trees and also they end up inviting secondary diseases and pests to the trees. By employing the tree insect management South Jersey companies these moths will be managed professionally, thus preventing the further destruction of your trees.


These are the insects which can be found almost in every plant. The harmful aphids are the ones which suck sap from the trees, thus causing them to lose shoots and buds and then they wilt. The emerging leaves which are infected by the aphids tend to curl. These aphids also cause nuances with their waste which is called the sticky honeydew which may cover the leaves and the branches of the trees hence causing the molds on the tree which attracts other insects.

It is good that there are tree insect management South Jersey companies which can help you in managing and getting rid of the various pests which might be infesting your landscape. On the other hand you need not wait for irrevocable and alarming damages to happen to your trees before you start rushing to call for help. You need to keep your landscape monitored and treated with proper tree service.

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