Treating Muscle Spasms With Medical Marijuana

If you suffer from chronic muscle spasms and the treatments you have tried never seem to help, you may be looking for an alternative. A visit to a medical marijuana doctor might be your best option.

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

Involuntary hypertonicity is the clinical term used to refer to muscle spasms. Regardless of your level of physical activity, you can be affected by this condition. A muscle spasm occurs when the muscle tissue involuntarily contracts all of a sudden. This can last from just a few seconds to several minutes.

The causes of muscle spasms include age, dehydration, fatigue, and poor circulation. Failing to stretch properly prior to physical activity and exercising in high temperatures are also common causes.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help?

Inflammation can trigger muscle spasms. The THC in medical marijuana can help to reduce such inflammation. Your medical marijuana doctor will be able to fully explain the benefits during your consultation in Clearwater FL.

Typically, muscle spasms are treated with muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain relievers. Such treatments have considerably more side effects than medical marijuana. More and more patients in Clearwater FL are finding that cannabis treatment provides relief from symptoms without all the negative side effects of traditional treatments.

In order to find out if you qualify for a medical marijuana card, you must first meet with a certified medical marijuana doctor in Clearwater FL. If it is determined that your condition warrants treatment with medical marijuana you will be recommended for a card and sent to a local dispensary.

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