Jan 20, 2014

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Treating Knee Pain in Simpsonville with Chiropractic Care

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body; unfortunately, it is also one of the easiest to injure. For those suffering from knee pain in Simpsonville caused by a sporting accident, slipping on ice, or falling off a roof, chiropractic care is available to help manage the pain.

Unless you come to the office with a recent set of x-rays, a chiropractor treating knee pain in Simpsonville is likely to begin the exam with radiographs on the first visit. An exam is a road map for diagnosis and treatment. While in some cases the doctor knows the cause of the knee pain, in others, it may simply develop from a person standing on their feet too much or arthritis. With the x-rays, the chiropractor can zero in on the source of the pain and plan accordingly.

Often, the source of the pain is the kneecap failing to move smoothly when bending. This causes an unusual amount of stress on the tendons as well as the cartilage and ligaments. A chiropractor is well trained to provide diagnosis of these types of problems and manage the issue by re-establishing the joint’s balance. Chiropractors are also helpful in treating other sports injuries such as sprains and strains to the knees caused by running or jumping.

Those who suffer from knee symptoms could be in pain due to trauma experienced at a young age and it healed wrong leading to poor mechanics when walking. If left untreated, the tissues around the knees can begin to erode causing bone spurs. A degenerative disease known as osteoarthritis, a painful condition which will only get worse if not addressed. When injuries occur, it’s imperative to have them addressed by a chiropractor to avoid painful progression.

Whether the cause is a sports injury, fall or excessive weight, a chiropractor can help address the pain, the source of the problem, and set up a treatment plan. There is no need to suffer in silence when treatment from an expert is available. Dr. Sitzmann’s 20 years of experience has equipped him with the tools to get you on the right path. Call us at Sitzmann Chiropractic (864) 458 8888

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