Travel with an Amazing Man from the Holocaust to a Financial Empire

Siggi Wilzig may have been best known at the end of his life as a Wall Street Success. However, a look back would prove that he built his fortune on a foundation of tragedy. Nearly 3 million Jewish men and women were murdered in the Nazi concentration camps. Only 250,000 to 300,000 managed to survive. Siggi, born Siegbert, was one of those survivors.

Siggi lost most of his loved ones when the Germans sent them to the concentration camps. One brother made it through this tumultuous time. Siggi believed the only reason he survived is because he thought quickly on his feet, convincing his captors that he had skills they needed. His own persistence and his faith carried him through dark times. While most people may have quietly carried on with their lives, Siggi was instrumental in capturing Nazis while he assisted the U.S. government in the search. He went on to chase the American dream.

He was one of many immigrants with hardly anything but the clothes on his back when he arrived at Ellis Island. His resilience during the Holocaust paid off as he worked his way up to become a Wall Street success over the next twenty years. His good fortune cannot be summed up by his wealth. He was rich in matters of the heart, married to his lovely wife, and father to three children. He believed in giving back. He continued to raise awareness for fellow Holocaust survivors and the countless victims. Find out why Siggi’s story is an inspiration to all by going to

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