Jul 29, 2015

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Transform Your Lawn Tractor with Cub Cadet Attachments

Transform Your Lawn Tractor with Cub Cadet Attachments

Having an American built Cab Cadet lawn tractor means you can do so much more than just mowing your lawn. Lawn tractors are utilized differently than a riding mower and offer the flexibility of handling various attachments. Cub Cadet Attachments take your lawn tractor experience to a whole new level. Lawn tractor attachments are useful for landscaping needs, small farm needs, and even small business needs. Some attachments are more suited for winter use while others can be used year-round. Examples of the types of attachments available through www.eckrothequipment.com include:

Spring and Summer:

  • Backhoe -; Great for digging up dirt. Dig holes for planting trees, creating a small water feature or maybe a small pond for your ducks. Useful for digging trenches for underground pipes.
  • Utility Carts – Useful year round but in the spring time used for transporting mulch and soil. A cart with a slanted bed makes for easy dumping of the contents.
  • Soil Preparation -; Attachments useful for soil preparation in the spring include tillers, discs, harrows, rakes and plows. Also good for smaller pasture areas in breaking up large piles of manure.
  • Spreaders -; Effective for spreading fertilizer. Can also be used to spread manure.
  • Sprayers -; Sprayers are used to distribute liquid fertilizer or weed killer.
  • Bush hogs -; These are heavy-duty cutters for clearing fields that lawn mower cannot handle.
  • Lawn Mowers -; Lawnmower attachments are available as pull behind or belly mowers.

Autumn and Winter:

  • Sweepers & Baggers -; Lawn sweepers are essentially vacuums that suck up grass clipping, leaves, and small lawn debris. Perfect for smaller lawn areas.
  • Plows & Blades -; These are useful for moving snow. Skid shoes on the blades allow it to be used on gravel driveways.
  • Snow Thrower -; Snow blower attachment effectiveness depends on the lawn tractor’s horsepower. The greater the horsepwoer the deeper thethesnow drifts that can be tackled.


  • Cab covers protect the operator from elements such as rain, sun, snow and cold. Tractor weights are useful for improving traction on slippery surfaces.

There are many more Cub Cadet Attachments available for all makes of lawn tractors. Consulting with a lawn tractor professional will help you make the appropriate and correct choice for your model lawn tractor. Make the most out of your investment by adding a variety of attachments all of which make your life easier.

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