Oct 30, 2014

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Transfer Money To India From Canada

Transferring money to India has its own list of advantages. Some of the major advantages are as follows:
· Competitive rates & Charges
· Innovative services & quality products
· Promptness, safety and confidentiality of transactions
· Personalized customer care
· Full-functioning customer-service department
· 7 days a week, round-the-year operations
· Online Status tracking facility
· Money is transferred in maximum 3-5 days
· Recurring payment facility

Now you have many money remittance service providers that can help you Send Money to India at best exchange rate. Every money remittance institution individually narrows down on the remittance rates. Sometime it proves a very tedious task to find which institution would provide the best exchange rates for the foreign currencies. Most of these institutions offer value added services to the customers & initiate to provide options to send money to India at best exchange rate. You don’t need to visit banks and stand in long queues to do the transfers. Nowadays one can remit money through the mobile sites from anywhere, anytime from the comfort and profitability of smart phones. One can facilitate money transfers from registered accounts to personal beneficiaries on the go. The main benefit of these mobile services is that you can access the services from your mobile at all times.

When you transfer money to India you can either use locked in exchange rates or indicative exchange rates. With locked in exchange rates you will know the exact amount of money that will be sent to your friends/family when you transfer. On the other hand Indicative exchange rates do not tell you exact money sent to your family/friends. The exchange rate for the dollars you transferred is determined at the time of money transfer to your friends/family accounts. You can use either of these options to send money to India at best exchange rate.

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