Trade Show Participation: Three Easily Forgotten Factors

Participating in a trade show can be incredibly exciting. The energy, flurry of people and business opportunities all combine to make trade shows an invaluable commercial opportunity. Whether you are a burgeoning business, or one that is already well established, trade show participation can be hugely beneficial to your commercial success. However if participating in trade shows is something new to you, there are several considerations that are easily and commonly forgotten. When building your custom trade show display, keep in mind the following:

Exhibit Partners are Wonderful Resources

If you are considering building your own trade show display, finding an exhibit partner can be hugely helpful. Exhibiting companies are vessels of information, insight and advice on virtually every topic related to the trade show industry. Use an exhibiting partner as a mentor who can guide you in this new venture. Doing so will maximize your possibilities for commercial success, while making the overall process easier on all of those involved.

Spacing Factors Need to Be Specifically Defined

When designing your custom trade show display, the excitement of the project may render it necessarily vague and perhaps overly ambitious. Think long and hard about your specific products and services, and how they ought to be displayed in a physical way. Will your booth require extensive storage? This will depend on the size and weight of your products, as well as on the extent to which you want to use your booth as a space for selling. Additionally, do you want your booth to make use of audio-visual technologies? If so, this is something you will need to be clear about early on in the building process.

Trade Show Booths Require Good Booth Staffers

While trade show booths are exceptional instruments through which to build your business, make sales and network, they do not operate in isolation. Indeed, booth staffers are a fundamental factor contributing to the potential success or failure of your custom trade show display. Before allotting all of your time and energy to the booth proper, be sure that you have a staff that is both willing and equipped to manage it effectively. This involves a willingness to set up the booth as well as disassemble it at the end of the day. In addition, your booth staffers should have a thorough knowledge of and investment in your business. An ability to talk to people kindly yet with a sense of purpose is also essential. Begin to think of the staff you want on board while your booth is being constructed.

As we have seen, there are a number of factors that entrepreneurs often overlook when building their own custom trade show displays.

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