Dec 24, 2013

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Top Tips in Buying a Used Chair Lift

Top Tips in Buying a Used Chair Lift

Many people looking to purchase chair lifts in Portsmouth, or any other U.K. city, may not always know where to look for a top quality bargain. A significant number of buyers tend to look for used equipment because it is cheaper and a more viable option. However, there are a few things you need to consider when you think of buying used equipment. Firstly, cheaper is not always better, but it does depend where you get your equipment from.

A number of stair lifts are sold back to the dealers at a cheaper price than the initial cost. This makes them a cheap and viable option because the appliances on average are used for very short periods and will have been reconditioned by the dealer for resale. The average stair lift has a life span of a decade or more but the majority of lifts are used for about a third or less of that time so they will still be in good condition. Some are used for shorter periods because conditions change and or the lift is no longer needed for whatever reason. Therefore, a lot of appliances will still be in mint condition and make a recycled unit a cost effective purchase.

Choosing your Model

When choosing a stair lift, think about seat height or adjustability so that you are comfortable when you sit in it. If you buy second hand, you may not get a current model chair lift, but you can be sure that the model you do get will be less than ten years old and will be in full working order and with a warranty.

Don’t forget to choose a model that has the same orientation as your stairs. Many people make the mistake of forgetting which side their bannister rail is on when they sign on the dotted line. Make sure you find a model chair lift that is ‘right’ or ‘left’ handed for your stair case.

Stairway Gradient

The slope of the stairs is another factor to consider. If the slope is too steep, it’s possible the particular appliance will not be suitable for your stairs because when they are installed, the engineers work with the gradient of the stairs which may not match yours, so have an engineer check your stairs and suggest a few models or options to you before you choose. For more details visit online.

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