Top tips for hiring an apartment cleaning service

A normal family actually has very little in the way of quality time together, the kids are at school all day and both parents put in eight hours plus at work. It used to be years ago that there were many stay at home mums that were in a position to prepare meals and clean the house, unfortunately this is rarely the case today, when the husband and wife come in from work they often head straight to cleaning the apartment. Of all the chores that can be laid off on others it is apartment cleaning service in NYC that springs to mind.

If you want to have more quality time to spend with yourself or your family then perhaps hiring a cleaning service is the ideal solution, however, you want to ensure that you chose a service that does not give you any reason to be concerned. You might want to consider these timely tips:

  • The interview: There will be two people in the loop, one is the representative from the cleaning service and the other is the person that will be charged with doing the work. It is important that during your initial meeting you feel comfortable with both parties, this is even more important if the cleaner will be in the apartment when you are away. If you feel good with the person that will be assigned the cleaning task ensure that the same person will be there every week.
  • Background check: The person assigned to clean your apartment will have freedom of access to your home, it is extremely important that anyone that comes into your home is trustworthy. Make sure that the agency performs detailed background checks and that the staff are bonded and insured.
  • Rates: The rates that are charged for apartment cleaning service in NYC are based on what it is you want the cleaner to do, how often you want the work done and how big your apartment is. It is best that you invite the service to your home before they offer a price; it might be by the hour or the project.
  • Expectations: When it comes to what you expect from the service, don’t be shy. Whatever it is you want done, make sure it is included in the contract. Go through your apartment with the representative, develop a list of what you want done; it may take a couple of visits for things to be as you want it but the best service providers don’t take long to get it right.

Many companies that provide an apartment cleaning service in NYC would prefer to use their own disposables, however, if you want them to use your cleansers, etc then simply point this out.

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