Jan 29, 2015

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Top Three Types of Green Cleaning Services in Dayton

Green cleaning is a concept that is not particularly new. For many years now, families have been looking to find greener, more environmentally friendly ways to live their lives. One way to do this involves finding either all natural, or Eco friendly chemicals to use around the home. There are a lot of companies that offer green cleaning services in Dayton, but not all of them are entirely accurate when they state they are “green.” The following are the three major types of truly green cleaning services.

Green Seal Certified

If a company claims to offer green cleaning services in Dayton, then they should be using green seal certified products at the very least. Green Seal Certified products have been approved by a non-profit organization that tests products, and only gives them their seal of approval if they are truly green, or good for the environment. They are a prime example of what to look for when speaking with a new potential for cleaning needs. If a company is unwilling to provide detailed information about what products they use, or what sort of guarantee they have that they are truly green, then it is a sure sign to not trust that they are.

All Natural Cleaning

There are several health home guides that discuss the many natural substances that can cleanse and disinfect the home. Some of the green cleaning services in Dayton offer completely natural solutions, many of which are based around three basic ingredients. Lemons, white vinegar, and baking powder are three of the most common natural ingredients used in basic green cleaning services. These three powerful and natural ingredients can help cover just about every basic cleaning job around the home.

Organic Enzyme Cleaners

Green cleaning is not necessarily done without chemicals, or making use of unusual science. There are many companies now that are using enzymes in place of harsh chemicals. These special compounds produced by living organisms can be tailored to be complete environmentally friendly. There are several companies, especially those that specialize in animal mess cleaning, that have begun to embrace enzymes to help get rid of nasty particulates and bacteria.

What You Should Discuss

If a company claims to be green and discusses the use of enzymes, it is important to ask about the potential environmental impact of the enzyme. Not all of them are entirely Eco friendly. For families that are very sensitive to chemicals, or just leery of them, it is important to find genuine green cleaning services in Dayton that can take care of light and heavy-duty needs. Some may claim to be green, but then their supplies may not entirely live up to the claim.

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