Top Three Questions to Ask Before Buying Hardwood Floors

If you are in the market to buy hardwood floors in Lisle, make sure you are asking the right questions. The more you know about these floors, the better off you will be. Here are three that you should start with:

Who Do I Call if I Have Problems?

Most flooring contractors will sell from a distributor, who ultimately purchases the floor from a manufacturer. Sometimes, this can make things very confusing about who you should contact when there is an issue. Should you contact the contractor if you think it’s a manufacturing problem? Should you contact the manufacturer if you think the floor was installed incorrectly? Make sure to find all of this out before you buy.

How Durable is the Finish of the Floors?

You should also ask about the durability of the hardwood flooring finish. The finish must be extremely durable when you consider the traffic that it will endure. Most hardwood comes pre-finished, but this finish isn’t very durable. The best finishes contain titanium oxide or aluminum oxide, and these will last for many years.

What Warranties are Available on the Floors?

Finally, you should ask about the warranties on the floors. Most of the warranties that you will get from a hardwood flooring manufacturer are pages and pages long. Most consumers don’t take the time to completely read the warranty, and that’s when troubles start. If your issue falls into one of the common exclusion areas, you might be out of luck if something happens. Most of the warranties on the market have a standard margin of error, too, something that you might be surprised to hear. This is 5%, which means that a 1,000-square foot floor might have 100 boards with a defect. All of this is very important to know before buying this type of floor.

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