Top Three Duck Hunting Tips for a Successful Duck Hunt in Texas

Duck hunting or waterfowl hunting is one of the most challenging sports among men. It requires skills in calling and fooling fowls or ducks in order to catch them. If you are preparing for a duck hunt in Texas this season, here are three tips that you can use.

Stay Late

If it is the migration season for fowls, stay late for a good catch. Fowls and ducks wait for the strong tailwinds to make it easier for them to fly. However, as it gets late, they tend to make a stop and rest. It is the best time to take a shot and cast your bait.

Be Strategic, Patient and Calm

One strategy that works is slightly hiding your decoys with thick bushy covers. Now patiently wait and call for your ducks to come near you. Now, wait patiently. Avoid spooking the birds because they might all fly away rather than stay to feed.

Learn to Camo

If you are on a boat, learn to camo your boat. Wear camo too. Lastly, cover your hunting rifle. You can cover the end of your gun with packing tape. Cover the stock, the reloader, and even the pistol grip (if you are using a pistol). Hide as much as you can to keep those ducks coming.

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