May 11, 2013

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Top Style Trends in Wedding Video Production DC

Top Style Trends in Wedding Video Production DC

Planning a wedding is an exciting endeavor full of choices and details. There are certain elements of a wedding which everyone must have, a location for a ceremony and a person to conduct the ceremony. Everything else including the cake, flowers, entertainment, and photographer aren’t mandatory, but certainly make the event special. Videography services for weddings sometimes get overlooked as a must have, but for those brides who are invested in the details of the day, and want to watch their event on the big screen can’t do without a good videographer. Hiring a videographer goes beyond asking a friend or family member to video the events of the day. Where a video production company DC puts in most hours is in video production DC, where turning hours of video footage into a beautiful piece of wedding memorabilia takes place. Since the production style and quality is where the money is really spent, it is important for a bride to consider what type of video she wants to view every year on her anniversary.

Two styles of wedding videography which are topping the trend lists are the mixed-media style, and the documentary style. Mixed-media style wedding videos incorporate the vintage look of Super 8 grainy video with a classic cinematic style and elegance. Having different types of media within one video adds depth and gives the feel of more of a work of art than a traditional wedding video. It also aims to capture every detail of the wedding day from different viewpoints and angles. Documentary style wedding videos may incorporate mixed media as well, but they also include short sound bites of the experience of the day. A bride may see the images of herself getting ready with an overlay soundtrack of her minister welcoming guests and family. Documentary style videos capture what it would feel like to be present at the wedding. In the end, hiring a professional wedding videographer DC is a decision where the bride should focus on what she wants to experience in the future, looking back on her big day. Many styles are available to create a keepsake perfect for every style of bride.

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