Jan 13, 2015

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Top Signs That You Need To See An Eye Doctor In Detroit

As people age they expect that their eyesight may also begin to fail. In many cases people in their later 40 and into their 50s may experience presbyopia, or problems in reading and seeing at close range. However, seeing an eye doctor in Detroit to make sure that this is the only issue is important.

In addition to seeking the help of an eye doctor in Detroit there are other symptoms or signs to watch for as well. Many medical conditions can be determined from an eye exam and it can be critical to understanding other health concerns. Small blood vessels in the eyes that burst on a regular basis is often linked to high blood pressure, which may be related to a high risk for strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches, especially when reading, using the computer or driving should be a red flag to get in to see your eye doctor in Detroit. Vision correction through contacts or glasses, or even LASIK surgery, may be recommended to correct this issue.

Difficulty in Reading or Seeing

Since some vision problems occur slowly, changes in the ability to see and read may be so gradual that the individual may not realize how bad their eyesight really is. Regular annual check-ups with your eye doctor in Detroit often help to keep track of any changes in vision and sight, helping to prevent serious vision issues.

Eye Irritations, Dryness or Infections

If the eyes seem constantly fatigued, dry, irritated or infected you should set an appointment with your eye doctor in Detroit as quickly as possible. These may be very simple issues that can be corrected with antibiotics and eye drops or they could be signs of more complex vision and health issues.

Changes in tear production including constant tearing as well as dry and sandy feeling eyes are another health issue to have checked.

Generally most optometrists recommend that any changes in your eyes or your vision should be checked by your eye doctor in Detroit. This will ensure early identification of any potential problems and quick treatment to avoid any long term complications that can develop if symptoms are left untreated.

Come in and see our eye doctor in Detroit if you have any eye related concerns.

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