Jun 27, 2018

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Top Reasons To Choose A Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter

Top Reasons To Choose A Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter

In any industry, there are brands and equipment and component options which are considered the best to use in a given application or system. When it comes to flow meters, the Rosemount Vortex flow meter is one of those top options, with extremely limited maintenance requirements over the life of the meter combined with a proven track record of accuracy and performance even in challenging environments.

Designed With Flexibility in Mind

The Rosemount Vortex flow meter has been designed for demanding applications where quick replacement of parts and very high uptime is a factor. The entire design of the body of the flow meter is non-clogging, which means it will continue to operate with any type of media.

Designed without gaskets or moving parts, the only parts that may have to be infrequently replaced will be the sensors. These two components, both for temperature and flow, can be replaced or inspected without the need to shut down the system or to open the seals. There is also no need for impulse lines to the meter, which makes installation much easier in any location.

Use In Systems

The Rosemount 8800 series of vortex flow meters can be used for virtually all types of systems and media. This includes gasses and liquids as well as steam. With the specialized finishing on the inside of the flow meter, this is always a good choice when the media contains corrosive materials and chemicals.

In addition, these flow meters can be used in low to high-pressure applications. They are also a top choice with high processing temperatures or media temperatures, and they are designed to accommodate a significant flow turndown range of 100:1.

The Rosemount Vortex flow meter has an excellent track record of use across many industries and applications. This particular series includes the standard configuration flow meter as well as a dual and quad option, meeting the requirements for any system.

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