Top Questions to Ask Before Considering a Crane Rental in Illinois

Generally, cranes are machines built to aid in lifting heavy or bulky objects from one place to the other. As such, if you are constructing/renovating a building or doing a project that requires some heavy lifting, then you will need a crane. Unless you can afford to buy one, renting these machines is amongst the best options you can think of. However, before you go ahead to rent one, you may want to consider asking the rental company the following questions:

  1. What Crane Works Best for Your Project and Space?

Before you go for a crane rental in Illinois, it’s important that you first examine your working space and the amount of load you would want to be moved. Usually, cranes exist in different types and sizes. While other cranes require large operational space, others are highly flexible and can use limited space to work on. Also, depending on the amount of load you have, you may want to rent a crane that’s convenient and fitting for the job.

  1. How Qualified Are Your Operators?

The other thing you would want to know from the rental company is whether their operators are well trained for the job. Besides, you should check whether the assigned operator is NCCCO certified. Having a qualified and well-trained operator will ensure your project is done safely and professionally.

  1. What Information Should I Present When Hiring the Crane?

There is some necessary information you should present to the rental companies to enable them to estimate the cost of your project. The rental company will therefore ask you about the weight and physical dimension of the load. Also, they will want to know whether there is any obstruction, the distance, load value, and access restrictions.

At La Grange Crane Service, Inc., we will help you find the best cranes for your project. Therefore, if you are looking for a crane rental in Illinois they are the best option for you.

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