Sep 24, 2014

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Top Places to Visit if You’re Mixing Business with Pleasure

Chances are, if you’re traveling for work and staying in a corporate furnished apartment in NYC, you’re likely to rent in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The two boroughs are dense with business activity and travel between them is straightforward and quick. However, even the busy professional needs some down time and there’s plenty to do and see while in town on business.


When you venture out of your corporate furnished apartment in NYC, be sure to make your way down to the southern end of Manhattan. You’ll find Little Italy and Chinatown there, both of which provide authentic restaurants and interesting shops. Movie buffs might recognize parts of Little Italy, as some of “Godfather” was filmed in the area. If you’re lucky enough to be in the city during the warmer months, having lunch in Central Park like the locals do can make for a relaxing afternoon. Additionally, midtown provides some of the common tourist attractions like Times Square, The Empire State Building and Broadway. Shoppers may enjoy hitting Soho or the Diamond District.


Brooklyn is home to some unique spots that provide a certain kind of off-beat adventure. The City Reliquary is a museum that hosts a collection of unusual historical artifacts. There’s also Gowanus, an industrial area that’s home to a once heavily-polluted canal. A major effort has been made to revitalize the neighborhood, and it now hosts boat tours and has some night-life. A history buff might enjoy touring the borough’s numerous Revolutionary War monuments. In regard to traditional tourist activities, there are the Brooklyn Bridge and Sunset Park. Either venue will deliver beautiful waterfront views and are ideal places to kick back and watch the sun fade at the end of the day. Additionally, Coney Island is an entertaining place to visit, especially if you can take someone along for the fun. There’s also the New York Transit Museum, which can keep you engaged for an afternoon.

Both boroughs offer traditional night-life as well. There are five-star restaurants, dive bars and everything in between. If you have more than a half a day to explore, it might be worth your time to venture out to Staten Island on the ferry.

Each borough and each neighborhood within the boroughs have something different to offer. So, if the traditional attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island don’t appeal to you, have a look around. You’re likely to find a portion of town devoted to every ethnic group, unique food, rich history, shopping and entertainment. Even if you are a singleton staying in a corporate furnished apartment in NYC, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and see what the city has to offer.

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