Feb 26, 2016

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Top Pharmaceutical Companies to Work For | MedReps.com

Top Pharmaceutical Companies to Work For | MedReps.com

MedReps recently surveyed pharmaceutical sales reps as part of their 5th annual Best Places To Work In Medical Sales report and asked them what they valued most about working for a pharmaceutical company as well as important criteria for job satisfaction and overall happiness.  In addition to uncovering the pros and cons of the industry, MedReps was also able to use the survey to determine the top three companies to work for.

The Makings of a Top Company

Out of the more than 1,400 medical sales professionals that took part in the survey, 266 (19%) actually preferred to work for pharma companies.  These pharmaceutical sales reps cited a strong product line and commitment to research and development as the most important priorities at top pharma companies.  As far as corporate culture and employee growth, pharmaceutical respondents valued work-life balance above all else.  Competitive compensation was also important, followed by a commitment to promoting within.

While the winners in the best pharmaceutical sales companies to work for category were all large companies, it’s interesting to note that nearly 75% of pharmaceutical respondents actually preferred to work for a small or medium-sized company (fewer than 10,000 employees).

Happiness Is a Virtue

Are pharmaceutical sales reps happy with their jobs?  The results were mixed.  Exactly half of the employed respondents said they were at least very satisfied or somewhat satisfied in their pharma sales jobs.  The other half were very or somewhat dissatisfied.  Interestingly enough, 76% of respondents said they were somewhat likely or very likely to leave their pharmaceutical sales jobs in the next year.  This might not have to do so much with the dissatisfaction on the job, but rather the lack of stability in the industry.

Regardless of possible uncertainties, there is still plenty that pharma sales reps enjoy about their jobs.  The number one thing they like about their jobs are the people they interact with each day.  Whether those people are the doctors and other healthcare providers they serve or their managers and colleagues at the best pharmaceutical companies, working with great people is what makes any pharmaceutical job great.

The Big Three

So, what are the top pharmaceutical companies to work for?  According to the MedReps report, here are the top three:

Johnson & Johnson.  The company earned the most votes overall in the pharmaceutical division and also took the #1 spot on the best pharma sales companies list and the device division, made up of Ethicon, DePuy Synthes, BioSense Webster, and others.  The company also earned the #2 spot on the best medical device companies to work for list.

The broad range of products offered by the Johnson & Johnson family of companies makes Johnson & Johnson sales jobs especially attractive to medical sales job seekers.  But even more than the strong product line, employees and job seekers alike consistently reference the well-known Johnson & Johnson credo as the primary reason they think so highly of the company.

Here’s what some of their workers had to say about working for Johnson & Johnson:

1. “Johnson & Johnson is beyond a doubt the best employer in the medical field.  Offering diversity, a safe, enjoyable workplace, understanding management, empowerment of the individual and consideration of the employee are hallmarks of the J&J credo.”

2. “Great benefits and great pay.  I don’t evaluate work life balance because I strive to be the best in my career, but Johnson & Johnson definitely offers that as an option.  They care about diversity and military hiring, as I’ve transferred from recruitment to medical sales within the company.”

3. “J&J is a great place to work because of the market-leading products, highly ethical leadership, great training, and outstanding benefits.  All of these and the ability to do so many things (whether career development or just change specialties) under the J&J umbrella make it a great place to work.”

Allergan.  A commitment to research and development attracting top pharmaceutical sales reps helped Allergan reach #2 on the Best Places To Work list.  It’s not surprising as the company is held in high regard in both pharmaceutical and biotech niches.  Allergan offers a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and even over-the-counter therapeutics.  Allergan pharmaceutical sales jobs are highly-sought after and appreciated.

Allergan workers had this to say about working for the company:

1. “Allergan – they truly take care of their employees.  They look for culture fits as well so everyone gets along so well!  Employee tenure is usually north of 5-7 years for most reps.”

2. “Quality work environment.  Positive feedback from physicians regarding the company and products.”

3. “The benefits, the starting pay and payouts no matter the tenure in the company are very high.”

4. “The people who work there, the compensation, the business plan.”

Eli Lilly.  Rounding out the top three pharmaceutical companies to work for is Eli Lilly.  With an industry-wide reputation for valuing its employees, it’s no wonder the company once again earned a high ranking on the Best Places To Work list.  Eli Lilly jobs are highly-sought as the company prioritizes a family and work-life balance, a fact employees (and those who hope to be) both admire and respect.  With a stated commitment to “making life better for people around the world,” it’s clear they include their own people in that goal.

What Eli Lilly workers said about working for the company:

1. “They promote a wonderful culture…it is hard to believe how good it is at Lilly.  Employee development is a refreshing priority.”

2. “They care about PEOPLE, they have great perks; they are always investing in investigation, research and new technologies.”

3. “Integrity, compassion for patients and employees.”

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