Jul 20, 2016

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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Invisalign

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Invisalign

1. By choosing to use Invisalign, you do not need to get braces. Many people have often said they prefer Invisalign over braces that can hit your gums or inner cheek. Plus an added benefit of Invisalign is that you can remove them. You do not have to keep them in all the time.

2. The aligners used in Invisalign have been known to help with neck, jaw and facial pain. As Invisalign will adjust your teeth into a proper position, it can stop pain that was caused by improper alignment of your teeth. A dentist that offers Invisalign in Chicago will be more than happy to discuss all these benefits with you.

3. When you have gaps in your teeth, you often times will find it harder to brush and floss. You can easily get food logged between teeth and it is not always easy to get it out. This can cause problems with your gums. After you have used Invisalign you will notice how much easier it is to maintain your teeth with brushing and flossing.

4. Invisalign aligners are custom made to fit you. The aligners are made after an impression is done of your mouth. Not all mouths are the same size, just as not all teeth are the same. The aligner that will be made for your specific mouth will be more comfortable.

5. Invisalign aligners are clear and it is not always easy for people to see them. This can give you a boost of confidence you need to get your teeth straightened and not worry about what other people think. The aligners that are used can also help keep you from grinding your teeth, which will also help with any muscle tightness in your jaw from clenching or grinding your teeth. Contact Art of Modern Dentistry to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

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