Oct 31, 2011

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Top 4 Tips to Choose a Good Inbound Call Center in Sri Lanka

Did you know that Sri Lanka had 23% growth in BPO industry even during the Civil War time, in 2009? This was told by the Madu Ratanayke, the General Secretary of SLASSCOM. This clearly depicts the dedication and bright prospects of Sri Lanka in the BPO industry. Read on to know the duties performed by a inbound call center in Sri Lanka

Quality Duties Performed by a Inbound Call Center in Sri Lanka

A quality customer service is what people look for immediately after buying the products and services. Following are the duties that a good inbound call center in Sri Lanka to perform diligently:

• Customer Support

A polite approach to the customer’s queries and careful contemplation of the reason of for their worry should be the foremost priority of a good BPO. An effective communication with the customer helps retaining the customer from leaving the company’s product and services for a better option. A good BPO trains their executives with professional soft skills and builds their qualification credibility to ensure that the customer feels relieved after the communication.

• Order Processing

Registering orders for a product or a service serves as an important task on the plate of an inbound call center in Sri Lanka. A good BPO agent should be able to understand the requirements of a customer and suggest the desirable value added services or other complementary products. This requires the agent/ executive to be thoroughly aware of the company’s goal and services offered. Often, a good inbound call center and customer service actively serves as sale center by suggesting upgraded products, replacements and additional services.

• Technical Troubleshooting

These day’s products come with numerous features and applications. This may require manual or BPO support to make the optimum use of all the features and services. A good inbound call center in Sri Lanka trains its customer service agents with the technical knowhow of the products. This will helps in resolving customer’s problems in less time. An effective communication with the customer while assisting him with the functionalities of the services restores company’s credibility. Customers would reach maximum satisfaction with some additional assistance.

• Metrics Tracking

BPOs are directly linked with the customer base. A good inbound call center in Sri Lanka generates products and services related information and maintains the feedback calls. Administrative cell researches these data to calculate the commercial trends, such as customer queries, demand, requests and other related issues. These statistics should be carefully analyzed and backed by trusted sources. Potential customers may use those metrics to buy more products and services.

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