Tongue Ring Barbell Options

If you recently had your tongue pierced, you are probably excited about buying some fashion tongue ring barbells! First, congratulations you have now joined the ranks of millions of people around the globe that favor tongue piercing, next there are a few things that you need to know before you start building your tongue ring barbell wardrobe!

Making the Choice

There are plenty of options out there for tongue jewelry because it is such a popular piercing but not all jewelry is created equally. Turning to a trusted source for your tongue jewelry needs is vital. The right size is critical to comfort and safety. Here are some tips to stay safe and really enjoy the fun of a tongue piercing:

  • Most piercing are 14 gauge which means that you will be shopping for a 14-gauge barbell. It is always best to stay with the piercing gauge you started with. Before you leave the piercing shop your technician should tell you want gauge you have. Since most piercings are done at 14g there is an abundance of this size available.
  • Lengths vary and choosing the right length is based on your personal anatomy. Some people do well with 5/8-inch-long barbells while others need 7/8th inches. The goal is to have the barbell long enough that it fits comfortably through the tongue without feeling constricted but not so long that the balls clink around in your mouth while you speak. You may have to experiment a bit to find the perfect length. has a wide selection of great tongue jewelry in a range of gauges and lengths. You can find all the stylish tongue jewelry and other body jewelry at Great quality, fast turnaround on orders and easy returns! Find all the latest styles and options today!

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