Today’s Web Designers Must Understand Several Modern Design Principles

The idea of creating a professional-looking website for your new business can naturally be exciting, as having a website often feels like a rite of passage for a new business owner. A well-done website shows potential customers that you are a legitimate provider of services or products and effectively communicates why you should be their top choice. On the contrary, a site that is visually confusing will overwhelm users and ultimately discourage them from using your website as an information resource or as an avenue for purchasing your offering. This article provides information about the basic principles a designer should know when creating your new website design.

Core Principle
One chief design principle that is imperative to follow when designing a website is proximity. This refers to how far apart different elements on your Web page are and how they are related. Your chief website elements include your page headings, text and navigation, for example. The elements that are the closest in proximity should have a much stronger relationship than those that are the farthest apart. Odd spacing on a page leads to a weak layout, which can distract a potential customer from the message you are trying to share.

Another Chief Principle
Alignment is another important principle to consider when having your website designed. Proper alignment of text and visuals will provide for strong associations among the different elements on your page and lead to a visual style that is pleasing. When your website employs effective alignment, this can enhance your page’s appearance as well as make your material more readable to the user.

More Tips
Web designers should also understand the principle of repetition. This refers to using a consistent design them throughout your website. This doesn’t mean all of your Web pages have to look the same; rather, it means that all pages should feature enough similarities that the overall look of the site remains consistent. For instance, keep pictures or logos in the same positions on each page. When users navigate among your website’s pages, they shouldn’t become confused about whether they have accidentally left your site.

What Else Should I Know?
Quality Web designers will additionally make sure that your website offers enough contrast. This includes making the text stand out against a certain background color. When used appropriately, contrast helps certain elements of your page to stand out, thus indicating to your audience what is significant. Top Web designers understand how to make your website attractive enough to capture users’ attention while also being informative enough and easy to navigate so that they want to return to your site. It’s important that you choose a Web designer who not only will create a visually appealing site but also will strive to help you to achieve your company’s unique vision and goals long-term.

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