Nov 30, 2017

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To The Next Level: Tactical Training For The Home

To The Next Level: Tactical Training For The Home

After learning basic handgun skills and the minimum required to carry a gun, we strongly recommend that spouses learn how to protect their home and children in the event of a home invasion. Tactical training is critical in the event of a home invasion or other situation arising where you and your family are in danger. Tactical movement and shooting is a skill most commonly taught to the armed forces, intelligence community, and law enforcement, but now we have training for civilians that can help you stay alive, protect your children, and neutralize the threat.

Leveling Up

Tactical training is much more than just learning how to point and shoot a gun. You learn how to move with your partner, how to think together, and how to out-think the invader. When you think and work as a team, you have an automatic advantage over the untrained home invader. While the intruder might have done a lot of home invasions, they are relying on brute force and fear to get them what they want. With proper tactical training, you can deny them and defeat them, protecting each other and your children.

Education – Not Fear

If you want to be a gun owner, you need to be a responsible and trained gun owner. Unfortunately the image of gun owners has taken a hit simply because only the bad ones make the news. There are too many couch commandos watching too many action movies and thinking that all they need is a gun and an attitude. Without training and education owning a gun makes you more of a danger to your family than any criminal threat. Protect yourself, protect your family, and get the training you need for the situations you hope to never be in. Visit Invicta Tactics for more information.

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