Jan 2, 2014

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To Repair or Replace a Flat Roof

Flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare might be more common than in other parts of the United Kingdom simply because of the climate. However, having stated that, it is possible that any flat roofs that are near any coastline may suffer the same deterioration owing to the salty air. Salty air is also known to cause oxidization at a faster rate than inland.

Drier parts of the country where flat roofs are may not have the same issues but, in general flat roofs have always posed more of a problem than sloped roofs for obvious reasons. A flat roof can sag over time, caused the ‘flatness’ to become a concave well that gathers rain water and sinks even further into disrepair. If the well is not discovered it soon becomes too heavy for the load baring ceiling inside the building, cracking and tipping the excess water into the building itself. This can cause unmentionable and long term damage to the building and the property inside.

Maintenance and Care of your Flat Roof

How long your flat roof lasts is directly proportionate to the amount of maintenance you give it over the years. For instance, no maintenance whatsoever will probably mean your flat roof will about five to ten years. However, if you get up on your flat roof every year, give it a sweep over, make sure the joins in the asphalt are all still sealed, reseal if need and generally take care of little things that make all the difference, your flat roof could last twenty to thirty years.

One important thing is to not let water pool in the roof. A new flat roof will start out flat, but over the years it will being to sag a little. The sag can attract pooling water which then has nowhere to go and it will stagnate there, slowly rotting the roof. When it rains you should ideally make sure there is no pooling water. Having good guttering and drainage can help keep your flat roof in the best condition for many years, as can maintenance of your bitumen roof and the tar paper should be kept covered with gravel, if it is old enough to have this feature.

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