Tips to Hire Reliable Painters in Chatham

Painting is one of the quickest ways to add value to your home. The look of a new exterior improves with a fresh coat of paint. Despite being one of the most common DIY projects for homeowners, you might not be able to handle it all.

Therefore, you should consider hiring professional Painters in Chatham who will do the job for you.

Ask the Right Questions

You need to have a proper detailed plan before you decide to get the job done. Consider questions such as do you need an Interior or Exterior painting service? During what season would you like the painting completed? What is the number of rooms you require to be painted?

These questions will help you to outline a proper plan so you can easily address it to your professional painter.

Do Extensive Research

As soon as you have a plan, you need to start researching painters in Chatham. Having insurance coverage and a license are minimum requirements for a painting contractor. A good starting point would be to research companies online and read reviews.

A good painting contractor will have extensive experience with painting projects and a great track record of satisfied customers.

Get an Estimate

Make sure you get quotes from three or more painting contractors. A representative will visit your house to give you an estimate.

You can go around your house and discuss which rooms or parts of the outdoor space need to be painted. Companies such as Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging provide a written estimate that will include the total cost including taxes, complete schedule, material that is going to be used, and other important details.

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