Aug 8, 2014

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Tips to Help you Buy Used Quads in Tucson

Buying a Quad can be a tricky process, especially if you are new to riding them. It becomes even more complicated if you are looking for a used ATV. The advantage that comes with buying a new unit is the fact that you can trust the dealer’s specification and rely on the warranty given. However, with a used quad, you have to be keen about all the features and how much wear and tear they have gone through because you have to rely on the seller’s word about the quality. Here are some tips that will help you get the best Used Quads in Tucson.

The type of quad you want

Start by thinking about the quad brand that you want. The most popular quad brands include the following:

*   Honda
*   Kawasaki
*   Arctic Cat

These provide a wide variety of machines that have all the features and specifications that you could be looking for in a Quad. The benefit of going with a known brand is that the quality and durability of the machine will be assured.

Checking the ATV for rust and cracked welds

A well maintained quad will be easy to spot. On the other hand, when a quad has been poorly maintained, it will have a lot of rust all over the external parts. The presence of rust on the machine is also an indicator that there could be other damages. Nowadays, most quad frames are made of aluminum which is rust resistant. The only other way that a visual inspection can indicate neglect is if there are cracks on the surface of the quad.

The importance of a test drive

The only way you will know that the quad is okay is when you perform a test drive on it. The test drive will be an easy way to find out if the air box, motor and all controls are okay. In case you come across difficulties when test-driving the quad, you can always try a different model.
These are the tips that will help you land a quad that will be in excellent condition. Visit CSA Super Store to choose from the wide variety of affordable used quads in Tucson.

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