Nov 25, 2014

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Tips to Find Suitable Seafood Restaurants

Calling a seafood restaurant suitable is just the first step in making sure the food being served has been handled properly and is safe to eat. A restaurant has a responsibility to their guests to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable dining environment. When you enter a restaurant, pay close attention to the staff and your surroundings. If the restaurant is in disrepair and is not clean, chances are the staff is not going to take any better care of you than they do the establishment.

It Is All about the Seafood
When you have established that a restaurant is of decent and suitable quality, then it is time to focus on the food. Seafood in particular needs to be understood in order to enjoy it fully. There are many different types of fish with some fish being over-rated versus others. Quite frankly, a lot of fish have been given a bad name simply because people do not understand how to cook it properly. Chefs in top seafood restaurants are trying to break the stigma from certain kinds of fish. Some fish such as bass and lobster have become so popular they are over-used and have gained a hefty price tag. It is time to find out which types of seafood are overhyped versus the kind that should be served piping hot on your plate.

Salmon Verses Sardines
Atlantic salmon has become a very popular dish over the years. So popular that it has become a default order for many people. With more salmon farms producing an excessive amount of fish, the flavor has become not as pronounced as it once was. Instead try a dish with sardines. Yes sardines, they are more of a low-end seafood but they contain a high amount of fatty acids which are good for your health. They can also be prepared in many ways, just make sure they have no bones in them after being prepared. Try grilled, lightly pickled, or fried sardines with a side of lemon and vinegar. You will be surprised at the flavor of this rarely served delicacy.

Lobster and Sea Snails
It stands to reason that lobster is quite overrated. Lobster does not have a lot of flavor and is very expensive. The best parts of the lobster are the knuckles. Good luck getting those out to enjoy them, however. Instead try sea snails. The meat is much sweeter, more plump, and larger than fresh water snails or escargot. They are not used much, but highly worthy of an acclaimed plate in a fancy seafood restaurant in New York.

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