Aug 11, 2014

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Tips to Create an Editorial Catalog

Editorial catalogs read more like a book setting the scene for a lifestyle you are hoping your consumers will want to enjoy. When creating editorial catlalogs there are many details that work together to tell a story that inspires people to not only dream about owning but also buy the products. Here are some tips to assist you in designing the perfect catalog:

  • Be Aspirational: Set everything up to provide a view into the life everyone wants to live. Create the American dream using stunning photographs and enticing copy that will draw people into the lifestyle they want to live. Create logical vignettes that will encourage up selling and cross selling.

  • Don’t Think Budget: Avoid being consumed with the feeling you are wasting space with your editorial style catalog. Editorial catalogs are designed to create a different feeling than traditional flyers and catalogs with a focus on a specific time of year, product group or category or purpose so you are not caught up in trying to cram in as much product as possible. This style of catalog is designed to showcase items in larger spaces with more product description.

  • Use Logic for Layouts: Don’t get caught up on thinking the most expensive item has to shine on a page. The star of the show must be the most relevant, high demand or interesting with smaller complementary items to encourage cross selling.

  • Consider the Catalog as a Whole: The catalog printinginLos Angeles requires should be looked at as an entire project. Count all of your items and put them into logical groups to get an idea of the page count you require. Then look for the page breaks your printer offers so you can determine your best option size wise.

  • Use Effective Copy: Remember to leave space for copy. Be descriptive and use copy that will invite customers to flip through your catalog enjoying the experience. Introduce designers or buyers with a little blurb about what they look for in products or how they design them. Offer tips and tricks on ways to use your products as well.

  • Original Photography: Do not ruin the look of your catalog by trying to scrapbook it together using old images or images provided by suppliers. Use professional, interesting photography to showcase the products.

These tips will help you create an impressive editorial catalog people will want to hold on to and refer to over and over again.

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