Apr 27, 2015

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Tips to Buy Men’s Gold Chains

Everyone has separate, individual tastes in fashion, jewelry and accessories. Like earrings for men, gold chains are fashion statements that are unusual yet still popular in many parts of the world. All gold wearers, both men and women, should know the steps to buy good quality. There is good and bad gold to wear. Whether you shop online or in a store, know what qualities to look for when you buy men’s gold chains.

Choose the Type of Gold

You can choose either pure gold chains or alloys. The fact is that pure 100% gold is tender and not suitable for jewelry. Metal and other hard substances are added to increase its hardness. Some gold chains are made with other metals to create a wide range of colors from blue to white gold. Gold is commonly measured in units of karats that indicate its purity.

Choose Fake or Real

There are several ways to detect fake gold. Gold experts use a magnifying glass to look over the small details of this jewelry. They look for identifying marks that state the pureness of the gold. Any type of gold that is plated, filled or layered is not pure. Also, the purity can be marked by the parts per 10,000 with the higher number meaning more gold particles.

Another way to find out the quality is to check the gold’s attraction to magnets. Authentic gold is not attracted to a magnet. If it is, it is gold mixed with some metal substance. Also, real gold does not get stained or tarnished easily. Let the chain sit in a cleaning solution for at least one day. If the gold is fake, it will become tarnished after a while. Unfortunately, you cannot complete this test inside of a store before you buy the chain.

Choose the Type of Chain

There are gold chains designed for women and ones designed for men. Most chains are made in different lengths, designs and thicknesses. The marine chain has an oval chain link with a bar in the middle. The rope chain is gold that is twisted like a rope.

For those who like rectangles, there is the box chain link made of box shaped gold pieces.

For a smoother look, you can buy a herringbone link that is flat yet thick and sturdy. It is important to review all of your chain options before making a selection.

Gold will always be a favorite metal for people of all ages and genders. There are different styles, sizes and costs of men’s gold chains, depending on personal preferences. Every style is made for that person’s individual personality. As a consumer, review all of your options before you invest in gold necklaces.

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