Tips on troubleshooting garage door openers

Very few garages still have to be opened and closed manually; the days of getting in and out of the car are pretty much over. Most garages today are fitted with garage door openers ; they free drivers from having to deal with handling heavy and sometimes awkward doors.

Garage door openers today are small and include many features that early units did not. If a child or one of his toys is under the door when it closes, it will instantly reverse when it touches the object, they are wonderful devices until the quit working. Although many problems do require the services of a skilled technician, there are things that go wrong with garage door openers that the homeowner can attend to.

How do garage door openers work?

The average garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times every year. Most garage door openers are capable of operating at least 10,000 times before some mechanical failure happens. Generally the failure is in the torsion spring.

The torsion spring is the long coil that runs across the top of the door; it is the device that does the heavy work; opening and closing the door. This spring is tightly wound and it is not recommended that an amateur attempt to remove or replace it. The garage door can easily weight 300 pounds and it will come crashing down if the tension is removed.

When you approach your driveway you push a button on the transmitter that sends a signal to the receiver which is an integral part of the opener. The transmitter can be mounted to the sun visor of the car or kept as a fob on the driver’s key chain. When the receiver gets the message, it tells the motor to start which in turn activates the drive mechanism. It is the spring tension that brings the door up on its tracks or controls the doors decent.

When the opener fails to work, often the reason is lack of maintenance, none of these issues concern the opener but the mechanics of the door. The track or the rollers can be dirty or the hinges can be seized up. These problems can usually be solved with a little oil.

Troubleshooting the opener:

When you push the button on the transmitter and nothing happens, it is obvious that is a problem. Do not panic yet, there are clues that may give you a lead on the problem and the solution.

* Does the remote work? Check and see if the wall mounted controller will activate the door. Often the problem is dead batteries in the transmitter.

* Are the sensors blocked? Modern openers come equipped with safety sensors. These sensors are light beams that are sent and received by photo-optic devices that are mounted on the door frames. If the beam is obstructed, perhaps by a toy or some other object, the door will not operate.

These are simple problems with simple solutions. Anything that is not easily identifiable usually requires the services of a technician who is skilled with garage door openers.

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