Oct 29, 2015

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Tips on Talking to the Adjuster from an Accident Attorney in Arlington, TX

Tips on Talking to the Adjuster from an Accident Attorney in Arlington, TX

It probably won’t be very long after an auto accident before the adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company calls; they are trying to find a way to spend as little of their employer’s money as possible. If there’s any way to pay nothing, that would be even better.

  • If an attorney has been retained. If an accident attorney in Arlington, TX has been retained, refer the adjuster to the attorney and end the call.
  • If no attorney has been hired. If there is no attorney, this call needs to be handled very carefully. So stay calm, it won’t do any good to get angry at the adjuster.
  • Don’t give a recorded statement. The adjuster may push for this immediately but don’t agree, there is no legal obligation to do so and the recording cannot be made without an agreement. People often get nervous when they are being recorded and forget important details or make inaccurate statements, so simply say that when the information is complete, a written statement will be provided. If a decision is made later to hire an attorney, the case will proceed more smoothly without this recorded statement.
  • Find out who is calling. Get the person’s name, contact information, the name of the insurance company they work for and the name of the person that they are representing.
  • Provide only limited information. Do not give the adjuster any information except name, address and phone number.
  • Provide only limited details of the accident. A chatty adjuster will push for details but don’t provide any except the basic details: the type of accident, where, when, the vehicles and the names of witnesses. Simply state that the investigation is continuing and facts will be provided when it’s appropriate; later, a written demand for compensation will include further details.
  • Do not discuss the injuries. Often, the true extent of injuries is not known for a while.
  • Don’t settle immediately. A quick settlement only benefits the insurance company; until the full extent of the injuries are known, it’s impossible to know what the claim is worth.

When someone has been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to receive fair compensation; however, David S. Kohm & Associates provide aggressive legal representation for accident victims. If you aren’t sure if you need an accident attorney in Arlington, TX, schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Visit Davidskohmattorney.com to learn more.

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