Nov 25, 2014

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Tips on Increasing The Value of Your Home

You may have recently purchased Osage Beach real estate and looking for simple and affordable ways to increase the home’s value should you decide to move to another home one day. Start by sprucing up the home’s landscaping. You can do this by pulling up old plants and putting new flowers down, repainting and caulking your front porch steps, putting new knobs on the front door, fixing the roof’s shingles, repainting the outside of the home, installing a new driveway and possibly putting a patio in the backyard with lanterns. On the inside of the home you’ll need to eliminate excess clutter.

Repaint Walls in Home

A fresh coat of paint is always good for increasing the value of your home and if you’re selling the house soon you don’t want to paint the walls in bold and gaudy colors. This may turn off potential buyers. You want to paint the walls in colors of a neutral tone such as beige, gray, light blue, antique white, mocha or charcoal. However, it is also okay to use springtime colors such as light yellow, light pink, turquoise, or lavender.

Convert The Closet Into A Home Office

If you’re trying to attract the more trendy buyers who work from home most of the week, you can turn your bedroom closet into a functional home office where the new buyer can work in a private space while still being able to use that space for storing clothes. Build a long and spacious row of shelves along with a clothes rack for clothes storage and in the middle of the closet put a medium sized desk, a table lamp and a file cabinet for the new buyer to use.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

One of the most important upgrades for increasing the value of your Osage Beach real estate is to upgrade the kitchen. Replace your current drab cabinets with new and colorful ones and if you cannot purchase new cabinets, paint the current ones a new color. Put new knobs and handles on the cabinets and drawers. Put a stainless steel stove or refrigerator in the kitchen and install new flooring such as ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring or laminate wood flooring.

When you make changes to the home’s design, you increase the value of your home. You will attract more potential buyers to it. Don’t get too outlandish in your renovation and never get into long term debt in order to improve your home. Look through home decorating magazines to get ideas on the renovation and seek input from your spouse, children and the realtor who is helping you sell the house.

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