May 8, 2015

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Tips on How to Properly Deal With Emergency Medical Situations With a Dog

Tips on How to Properly Deal With Emergency Medical Situations With a Dog

When you get a pet dog you will generally find a vet for him who is kind and gentle and knows their stuff. However, one factor many pet owners neglect to consider is the hours of the clinic they are going to be using for their vet services. Many services have very limited hours as they are smaller and do not have the ability to stay open 24/7 like is mandatory for most hospitals. This is because vet clinics are privately owned and do not have any legal requirements for time or things like that. However, many vet clinics are available 24 hours seven days a week to ensure that pet emergency gets the attention it needs as soon as is necessary.

Determining if You are Having a Pet Emergency

Being an animal without the ability to form words, there are things and owner must be aware of so they can tell when their animal is in a state of needing a vet. The first sign to look for in a pet emergency is their bathroom habits. If a dog is not using the bathroom or has imbalances in their feces that is generally a good sign that a vet trip is in your near future. Another factor is their food and water intake. Always keep an eye on your pets regular food habits as if they are doing things that are contrary to that then they generally need a visit in as soon as possible. Many dogs, since they descend from pack animals, often try to hide the fact that they are ill as it is a sign of weakness to other predators and to the pack itself, this means you have to be extra attentive to your dogs physical and emotional states.

Find A Vet in Your Area With 24 Hour Services

You never know when you will have a pet emergency and its best not to leave things to chance, make sure you utilize one of these if they are in your area as those hours could be the difference in your animals well being. These facilities are state of the art in order to keep animals happy and comfortable until the vet arrives in the morning to make them feel healthy again.

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