Apr 3, 2014

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Tips on Deciding between a New Air Conditioning Install and Repair in East Hampton NY

When a home’s air conditioning is not working correctly and it has been determined extensive repairs will need to be made, such as replacing the evaporator coil or replacing the compressor on the unit, it can be important for a homeowner to consider whether repairing the unit is practical or if replacing it would not be a better option. While most technicians from a business who handles Air Conditioning Install and Repair East Hampton NY can be a great help in advising a homeowner on the matter, sometimes it can help if he or she knows what factors they should consider as well. Visit Flandershvac.com for more details.

One of the most important considerations should be the age of the unit. Most air cooling units will only last a maximum of 18 years, with many only lasting 12 years. Because of this, if the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, making costly repairs many not be a wise choice as it generally will not be long before the unit requires more work to be done. Some professionals do not recommend replacing the compressor on units over the age of ten years, instead the entire system should be replaced.

While repair costs are important to consider in older units, it is also important for the homeowner to consider the cost to run an older unit. Most new systems have improved energy efficiency options. This can lower a home’s regular energy bills dramatically in some cases. This can result in substantial savings over the year.

When considering replacing or repairing the air conditioning system it is also important to think about how well the system has been performing recently. Many times as a system begins to age it will start to be less effective in the way it cools a home. This can occur in many ways, but often it will be unable to maintain a consistent temperature throughout all the rooms in the home. Sometimes areas will be too cold while other rooms may be too hot. This can be uncomfortable for the occupants and can make the decision to have a company like, Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning, replace the unit a better choice.

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