Jun 2, 2015

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Tips On Choosing Good Removalists

The first thing most homeowners do when searching for removalists is look for a removalist with a good reputation. Finding out if they have an office in the area(s) they operate, asking if they offer storage services and questioning about the range of vehicles on offer are just a few things one might do ahead of paying for services. Aside from this, getting recommendations and searching for members of the AFRA are two things you should do to ensure you are getting the best service for your money. Feel confident when signing contracts and handing over money by taking the following tips on board.

Do They Appear Professional?

The staff, their attitude and the services offered should sway your decision when looking for removalists. If the company does not have a website then it’s best to look elsewhere for assistance with a big move, because in today’s day and age, it is rare for businesses not to promote their services online. If the company has a premises and the staff wear clothing with the company logo printed on it, you can trust that they are well established and aim to impress customers with their services.

Will You Sign a Contract?

Don’t work with any company that doesn’t request you sign a contract, because this contract could protect your finances. The contract will detail a number of things, such as the date of the move, the location of the old and the new property, the number of items being transported to the new residence, the value of your belongings, the type of insurance coverage, etc. Ask the movers about getting everything in writing, so that you are not left out of pocket in the event that something happens unexpectedly.

Does the Company Offer Additional Services?

It’s not just the transportation of belongings that will ease the moving process, but also, the things done before and after the move. For example, who will be packing your bubble-wrapped belongings inside labelled boxes? Who will load and unload the items? Will you get a helping hand cleaning the new property, so that you can start living right away? A trusted company will offer these services, among many other things, so be sure to ask about this before you sign any contracts.

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