Nov 15, 2017

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Tips for Your Next Apartment Hunt

So, you’re trying to find an apartment? Whether this is your first apartment or you’ve lived in one before, searching for the right apartment to fit your budget and other needs can be difficult. Here are some tips to help with your search for Long Branch, NJ apartments:

*Consider Your Budget
It’s easy to fantasize about your dream apartment while overlooking the costs. That’s why you should set a budget first so that you can find one that’s affordable. Take account of all the other things you need to pay for as well, such as groceries, electricity bills, gym memberships, etc. Having a set range in mind can help narrow down your search to only affordable options.

*Identify Your Priorities
Make a list of the top three things that you absolutely need. The budget should be one of these priorities. The other two can be anything such as good lighting, a washer and dryer, or a full kitchen. If you can’t think of your top three, just make a list of all the things you want in an apartment.

*Consider Time of Year
The time of year can greatly affect the prices of apartments. Summer might seem like a good time to find an apartment because there are more options. However, the prices can be much higher because many people are looking for apartments during this time. Try looking October through December or January through March – fewer people are looking during the holidays or when it’s cold outside.

*Stay Organized
It can be difficult to keep track of all the apartments you’ve looked at while hunting. Make yourself a spreadsheet to make it easier on yourself. On the spreadsheet, include crucial info such as the deposit amount, the agent’s contact info, and amenities. You can also keep taps on whether you have looked at the apartment, as well as any side notes.

If you are planning to stay awhile and you have great credit and rental history, it may be helpful to try negotiating with the landlord. Long-term tenants are desirable, so they may be moved to give you a deal. It’s unlikely that the landlord will lower your rent, but they may give you a longer lease or get permission to have improvements made (and paid for).

Finding an apartment that suits your budget and has what you want can be difficult. But figure out your financial restrictions and what you need, and you can narrow down the options. It’s competitive out there, so don’t procrastinate!

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