Feb 13, 2015

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Tips For Workers Handling Wastewater in Kansas

Working with wastewater can be a lot more dangerous than some worker would like to admit. Aside from the dangers of drowning or falling, workers are exposing themselves to hazardous water. Wastewater is filled with viruses, parasites and other terribly dangerous biological hazards. If you’re currently working in these conditions, pay attention to the following advice.

Make sure that you wash your hands as often as you can while working. Don’t just use water to rinse off your hands. Use antibacterial soap to thoroughly scrub your hands. Carefully brush under your fingernails to make sure that you’ve eliminated all of the waste you might have come in contact with. You should also take these steps before drinking, eating, or smoking anything.

Do you have any fresh cuts or opened wounds? Again, the Wastewater Kansas has is polluted with a number of dangerous chemicals and water born diseases. Make sure that any cuts or wounds are thoroughly protected with bandages and dressings. After you’ve finished with your shift, make sure to remove the contaminated bandages, wash around your wounds, and apply new dressings. Click here for more details.

Most environmental services require their workers to wear protective clothing at all times. Take extra precaution by wear gloves and even a mask to protect your face. After you’re done, make sure you promptly remove your clothing and have it washed – separately from the rest of your clothes.

Try to refrain from certain habits that could cause you to become exposed to the biological hazards in the water. For instance, lots of people have a habit of biting their fingernails or picking their teeth. Even rubbing your eyes, nose or ears could expose you to the waste in the water. Follow the guidelines for Wastewater Kansas services have available.

If you’re a business that handles wastewater, consider working with services like ORI Environmental KS. These services specialize in removing dangerous waste and chemicals from a variety of areas. Again, workers should wash their hands as frequently as possible after working with waste. Workers with fresh wounds and cuts should have them protected at all times. Lastly, all workers should avoid putting their fingers in their mouths or any other openings of the body.

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