Mar 5, 2014

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Tips for Termite Control Service in Tucson

As a homeowner, you should be concerned, and most probably are, about termites invading your home and destroying your foundation. Termites are considered to be the worst danger to the woodwork of homes, sheds, and anything that is made of any type of wood. If you suspect that you have termites, then you will want to call Termites Control Service in Tucson like Wildcat Exterminating Inc. to take care of the problem for you. How do you know that you have termites, you might ask, read on for some signs.

Any Termites Control Service in Tucson can tell you that the first thing you need to do is walk around your home feeling for hollow sounding wood. If the wood sounds hollow when tapped, this may mean that the termites have burrowed their way into the wood, and made their home. They like to be in damp, dark places, so they do not live on the surface of the wood.

Make sure that you monitor or seal any cracks that termites could get through. Cracked wood on the surface may very well mean termites underneath. So if you have any of these on the surface of your wood, it’s time to call in pest control.

If you see groups of winged insects around your home, then you probably have a termite infestation. These insects are called swarmer’s, or you might just find a bunch of discarded wings. These are wings that they discard after taking flight to start new colonies. This usually happens in the spring, although drywood termites who swarm are less predictable.

Termites are a big threat to the biggest investment you have, your home. You need to check for termite infestation, and if there is even a hint of one, you should call in the experts right away. They will set up a treatment plan for you that should take care of the problem. In between exterminations, you should periodically walk around and check your home for signs of termite infestation again. Termites are serious and will not go away on their own, you will have to take an active stance to make the leave.


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