Feb 26, 2015

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Tips for Stylish Dining Rooms

The dining room furniture Ottawa chooses can help set the mood for one of the most important entertaining spaces in your home. Here are some tips to help you create stylish dining rooms perfect for family and friends.

Style and Wood

Your dining room table and chairs will set the tone of the room based on the style of the furniture as well as the materials used. Darker wood tends to set a more formal tone although you will find some country style tables with colonial influences in some dining sets. Oak and pine tend to set a more casual tone. Edgy woods such as teak or teak look stains are commonly seen for mid-century modern rooms similar to those you might see in “Mad Men”. Metal and glass are contemporary and modern. Simple lines are more modern where as more stylised tables and chairs with carved detailing make a room more traditional.

Table Shape

In general tables tend to be round, oval, square or rectangular. Round and oval tables soften a room and also take up less space. They are also more formal. Some round tables come with a leaf that can be added when entertaining but for the most part round and square tables are designed for seating no more than four people. They are more commonly placed in kitchens, but can be used in small dining rooms as well. If you entertain often than you definitely should be looking at rectangular and oval tables found at an affordable home furniture store online that come with leaves to stretch out for larger parties.


If you enjoy long and lingering dinner parties look for upholstered seats that will keep people comfortable. Chairs with arms are not always practical as they tend to take up more space around the table. Wood chairs can be comfortable as well and you should consider how they feel when you are seated. Something might look good, but feel very uncomfortable which will have people squirming and wanting to leave the table. Your dining chairs will also add to the look of your room and when buying dining sets you won’t have to worry about matching the table to the chairs. However if you are buying them separately look for obvious clashes such as overly carved chair legs or backs paired with straight legged, boring tables. Do not mix and match too many different carved or stylized legs and backs unless you are purposefully going for an eclectic look.

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