Apr 4, 2013

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Tips for Storing Stringed Musical Instruments Outside the Home

Tips for Storing Stringed Musical Instruments Outside the Home

Often, people who play stringed instruments for a career or hobby quickly accumulate several models. Dedicated musicians commonly report that there are distinctive differences between different brands or types of instruments, justifying the need for a growing collection.

If your assortment is starting to overtake a living space, consider Self-Storage Kalamazoo MI units that are often staffed by a caretaker and equipped with security fences, so you can rest assured that prized possessions are safe. Keep reading to learn about precautions to follow whenever you store stringed instruments for an extended period of time.

Store Them in Cases

At a personal residence, musicians often choose to keep their instruments on specially made storage racks, instead of in cases. This works well when instruments are being played on a daily basis, but it’s not an ideal choice if they’re being stored for longer than a few weeks.

Properly sized instrument cases should always be used during self-storage. Kalamazoo MI music shops can offer suggestions to accommodate stringed instruments of various shapes. There’s no harm in using an older case, as long as it’s in good condition.

It’s also helpful to line the interior of the case with buffered acid-free paper, and drape the strings with a soft cloth. Very large stringed instruments like pianos or pedal harps should be covered with a tarp or bed sheet.

Loosen Strings and Use Wood Conditioner Before Storing

Environmental conditions cause strings to expand and contract. Accommodate for fluctuations by considerably loosening the strings, but not enough to cause bridge pins or other small parts to fall out.

As a finishing touch before self-storage, Kalamazoo, MI musicians frequently condition wood finishes. If you choose that option, always use products that are designed for musical instruments, and coat the wood sparingly.

Follow these tips to give yourself peace of mind before keeping musical instruments in specialized storing units.

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